Ashek is one of the top PUBG streamers on Twitch. After beginning his channel in late 2017, he quickly gathered a following for his level of skill and went pro with Optic Gaming, and later Wildcard Gaming. He has since left the pro scene, and now streams at full-time.
In June 2018, I developed a new visual identity for Ashek.  He was previously using low-res clipart of a potato with a face on it, but wanted to keep a similar look while updating to a unique brand.
Soon after the new brand was in place, Ashek was given the opportunity to have an in-game PUBG AKM skin, which he also hired me to create. It was available for purchase from October 25 to November 15, and received a record-breaking number of purchases on the PUBG Steam store.
A placeholder screen for his Twitch channel while he's offline.
Button graphics designed for his Twitch panels.
In early 2018, I offered to help him get started with creating YouTube videos. I've since been hired part-time to manage the whole channel, from editing the daily videos to creating the thumbnails and channel graphics.